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Valentine's Day Dinner Dance - A Feast for the Eyes

About Valentine's Day Dinner Dance

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Amuse Bouche
Sun Dried Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, Artichoke Hearts, Buffalo Mozzarella
Herb de Provence and Walnut Vinaigrette


French Onion Soup
Three Cheese Gratine

Jumbo Shrimp
Biloxi Sauce

Chicken Liver Pate
Baby Corn, Capers, and Toasted Baguettes


Spindletop Gourmet Salad

Classic Ceasar

Soba Noodles with Rice Wine Vinagrette


Broiled Twin Lamb Chops
Marinated in Olive Oil, Fresh Garlic and Rosemary

Roast Prime Rib of Beef, Cream Horseradish
Roasted Shallot Au Jus

Charbroiled Filet Mignon
Wild Mushroom Demi Glace

Valentine's Lovers Duet
Rouladen of Beef and Lobster
Sliced and served on a bed of Braised Leeks with Pinot Noir Reduction

Pecan Encrusted Breast of Chicken
with Maker's Mark Burbon Butter

Grilled Veal Chop
with Three Onion Confit and Wild Mushroom Demi Glace

Poached Alantic Salmon
On bed of Braised Fennel with Fish Fumet and Toasted Pinenuts

-Chef Bret
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