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Quinoa 'n' Spices - A Feast for the Eyes

About Quinoa 'n' Spices

Previous Entry Quinoa 'n' Spices Jul. 14th, 2006 @ 01:14 pm Next Entry
Finally got a new camera so I can start posting meal photos! Maybe this will encourage others, too.

Last night for dinner I made quinoa...

Don't know what Quinoa is? Here's a closeup

(clickit for bigger)

I got some water boiling, added the quinoa, and these spices:

(please note my toes)

Thickened with a little cous cous toward the end (to avoid draining off the well-spiced water). Closeup of cous-cous:

Resuting mixture in the pot:

Served it out into a pretty bowl:

and Ate Up! I also added shredded Cheddar Cheese to some of it while it was still hot so it got all cheesy and delicious

Final photo: closeup for texture, it turned out pretty delicious and satisfyingly textured, too:

Hopefully additional more creative/interesting foods to come soon!

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